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7 Must-Haves to Keep it CHIC on Rainy Days

… In the past, I looked unpresentable, sloppy and just bleh on rainy days because one second, it would only be drizzling and the next second, I would be soaking wet. I thought it was impossible to dress for this kind of weather AND stay chic throughout the day. I was in the habit of wearing my most worn out shoes, the ugliest pants, and a baseball cap to hide my disheveled hair.

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Blue Vest + Green Military Boots = Casual CHIC

I absolutely adore this blue vest! I find every opportunity to wear it, but it’s a tricky piece of clothing. It’s far too warm for 60 degree weather, but not warm enough for below 40 degrees without freezing my arms off. For me, it’s perfect to wear when it’s in the low 50s (and not raining!), weather that is few and far between where I’m at.

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