Blue Vest + Green Military Boots = Casual CHIC


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Hi everyone!

I absolutely adore this blue vest! I find every opportunity to wear it, but it’s a tricky piece of clothing. It’s far too warm for 60 degree weather, but not warm enough for below 40 degrees without freezing my arms off. For me, the vest is perfect to wear when it’s in the low 50s (and not raining!), weather that is few and far between where I’m at. I’m happy I got to wear it more than once this winter season!

But who knew you could pair a bold blue vest {similar one here or similar one here for less} with green military boots {similar one here} for a casual chic look? The first time I wore this vest, I paired it with all black - black shirt, black jeans, black boots - thinking this would create good contrast with the blue. While it didn’t look terrible, it was expected. Nothing new for sure. Try googling images for “blue fur vest”, and you’ll quickly see most people pair it with black or something on a grayscale. Black definitely didn’t bring out the beautiful color of the vest, the reason why I bought it in the first place. In fact, when I wore it that way, most people thought my vest was just a common worn shade of black...which made me a little bit wtf-faced... I wanted the blue to pop and decided to pair it with olive green pants and green military boots, and in my opinion, it really does bring out the blue!

Have a great rest of the week, and as always, thank you for visiting!