Red Plaid Skirt for Valentine’s Day


Hello friends! I am trying out some fashion style posts to see how I feel about them. The problem with style posts is that I have to be in the photos, and I am not good at posing for natural photos. It feels awkward to me, but thank goodness it is just a little less awkward when you force your husband to be the photographer…

I wanted to share this look with you just in time for Valentine’s Day but not quite ready to let go of winter yet. I absolutely adore this red plaid zipper skirt (not sure how I only found the link in EU, but here’s another similar one on the US site), and I love that it is thick and has some structure. That’s what makes it so versatile. You can wear it with thin material like pantyhose or even bare with high heels to formalize the look, or you can wear it over thicker leggings and a moto jacket for a more casual vibe. The skirt is bright and truly stands out especially when paired with a simple black shirt. I decided to pair it with tuxedo striped sheer stockings this time because they just add a little more oomph to offset the simple black top. I’ve been really into red plaid this winter, and this is one of my favorite pieces that I bought!

Thank you for visiting, and hope you have a wonderful day!