West Elm Roar + Rabbit Pleated Ottoman in Blush Pink


Happy Weekend, everyone!

I have a gorgeously good find for you all today! I bought this beautiful blush pink ottoman (in large) by Roar + Rabbit at West Elm last week and am totally in love with it. You see, this item is on sale for $179.99!! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. It measures 48 inches in diameter and 16.5 inches in height. For such a large piece of furniture, it was a steal!

This ottoman is truly amazing, and the blush pink is such a subtle pink that even my husband was okay with it. Now, he claims he’s color blind, so I might’ve had a slight advantage there haha. I think the color is so soft, and in different lighting, it could look light pink, purple, beige, and even cream. In my opinion, it pairs very well with my gray sectional and really brings out the colors in the rest of the room. The fabric is a velvet microfiber-y material that has been super easy to clean so far. The pleating work is of high quality, and it’s what makes this ottoman look way more expensive than it really is.

Since the ottoman was on sale, it was also final sale... I was afraid to buy it without seeing it in person or seeing real people photos of it in the reviews. There just weren’t that many out there that I could find. Fortunately, they had it in my local store, so I had a chance to see, touch and feel it before pulling the trigger. I thought I’d take a few photos from different angles in natural lighting, so that it might be helpful if you are also thinking about purchasing.

I also wanted to provide you with a couple of tips if you are thinking about purchasing this ottoman. 1) Always check with your local store to see if they might already have it in stock. That will save you on shipping costs. 2) If you are ordering this item online, there is a flat shipping rate of $139. This is almost as expensive as the ottoman itself! My local store said that I have the option of shipping it to the store for $25, which is a much less expensive option in my opinion.

I have not altered the lighting or used any filters on these photos. I tried to capture the color of the ottoman in the photos, so that it is true to the color.

Hope that you find this helpful, and have a great one!