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First of all, thank you so much for stopping by!  It took me three years to work up enough courage to start this blog (totally terrified!), and I’m finally publishing my first post here.  Thank you for sharing this moment with me!

Just to give you a little introduction. I’m Frances, and I am not a professional designer, but I have an unending love for design. This blog was initially created as an avenue for me to visually and verbally "save" and "journalize" my designs, experiences, inspirations, projects that are taking place around me, so I can document how they were brought to life.  I realized that many people (including myself at one point) have in their mind that designing should come naturally, or every item in the design needs to be picture perfect, or it must cost a fortune just like it appears to be on TV and in magazines. Well, I learned that designing is not perfect, and it definitely comes with mistakes that are simply edited out most of the time.  I realized that designing will continue to be a work in progress as you discover your own style. It takes time to figure out what kind of personality you want to portray through each of your designs and what story you want to tell through each item you select, but most importantly, your home should represent an extension of you.  

I hope that by sharing my thought process of how a look is completed from beginning to end that it will reveal more of a candid perspective. I hope that it will encourage you to experiment with your own design style and create beautiful spaces for you to enjoy in your home.  I hope that it will show you the more practical side of design that it is possible to achieve the “after” images of home decor at affordable prices. Lastly, I hope it will show you that you can do it too!

I really appreciate you spending the time to read, and I truly hope that this blog will serve as a helpful resource for you and your future design aspirations at home!

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A walk through of the first room I made over in our current home coming up next!

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