Target: Geller Barstools and Counterstools

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My family and I make a visit to Target pretty much every week. I am constantly impressed by Target, as I find so many stylish and chic items, particularly in the home decor section of the store. Well, last night, I was at Target yet again and was just browsing up and down each of the home decor aisles, and that’s when I spotted the Geller Barstool / Counterstool. This piece of furniture is gorgeous and would add a contemporary feel to any kitchen island or bar.

***Make sure to check out my DESIGN TIP at the bottom of the post!!***

The Geller 25" Counterstool in Linen with Chestnut legs is what this store had on display, so here are some photos that I snapped last night with my phone:

Item Description:

Overall Dimensions for Counterstool:  H 38.0in x W 19.5in x D 22.0in
Overall Dimensions for Barstool:  H 43.0in x W 19.5in x D 22.5in


Geller Modern 25” Counterstool:    $99.99
Geller Modern 30” Barstool:    $109.99


Design Tip:

These barstools and counterstools are on the modern minimalist sleek side that I would consider mixing and matching the colors. There aren’t too many intricate details on these barstools that would cause a look of chaos if you mix and match colors. To me, this method is a subtle way of doing the “unexpected”. Most people have a line of 3 or 4 of the exact same barstools at their kitchen island or kitchen bar.  By using the same style of barstools but changing the colors brings in an element of uniqueness. 

Based on the colors on the website, I would probably try pairing the Gray with the Ocean with the chestnut leg finish.  The Gray color and the dark blue Ocean color (which looks like a navy blue to me) would add a huge POP in a white kitchen! A completely different look would be to pair the Linen and the Blush colors with the chestnut leg finish. This would add a softer, more feminine feel to a light kitchen or would brighten up a darker kitchen!  If you want to be BOLDER, you can even try pairing the dark blue Ocean color with the Blush pink!  I think these pairings would all look amazing!  Please leave me a comment or shoot me a quick email if this method worked out for you!

To help you picture the outcome of this method, here’s a photo of what my kitchen counterstools currently look like:


(I intentionally did not take a picture of the top of my kitchen countertop because it is a scary mess...)  Have a GREAT rest of your day!!  =)

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