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Kids Playroom: Reading Nook

…When I first started thinking about how to design the playroom for my daughter, I wanted to make sure that I incorporated a little reading corner for her in hopes that it will encourage her to love reading all of her books everyday...even if that means she’s flipping pages and looking at the pictures or let’s just be honest, she tears the pages and eats the book.

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Kids Playroom Design: Colorful Pillowfort Campsite

When I was a little girl, I would always gather a BUNCH of pillows off the couch and steal pillows from every bedroom in the house to build a fort...a pillow fort. I would camp out in the fort and pretend to rescue all of my stuffed animals from the freezing cold weather on the other side of my pillow door in the living room and brought them into the warmth of the fort with me!  

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