My Experience with Wayfair Returns

Dear Readers,

Even though Wayfair changed their return policy recently =( , I still wanted to post about my experience with returns at Wayfair in hopes that it will be helpful for you. Don’t worry, this is not a sponsored post, but it’s 100% my experience.

You might remember one of my earlier posts about 5 handy tips I learned from ordering at Wayfair. Well, guess what? As smooth as the Wayfair experience was (towards the end), things don’t always turn out as perfectly as you might hope. In fact, it was one of my biggest fears about ordering online.

What do I do if the item was not what I envisioned!

Can I return it? Do I have to pay for return shipping? I discussed in an earlier Wayfair post about why I decided to order from Wayfair in the first place after evaluating soo many online because of their (old) return policy of giving you store credit equivalent to your full refund! AND they pick it up for you from your house! They were one of the only online retailers that I was able to find that offered this. I mean that was super awesome and what a relief! Especially when you are ordering LARGE pieces of furniture like a frickin couch! Perfect for visual people who have to see it in person or people who just change their mind all of the time.

I was super sad faced when I found out that Wayfair had changed their return policy, so that you are now responsible for the return shipping costs. Now a lot of the risk is on us, the buyers, to make sure that the item we ordered is exactly right when we can’t see, touch, or test the item in person.

In my other Wayfair post, remember I bought the Agna Sofa in Avocado Green for my kid’s playroom? I was excited and so ready to see how it looked. When the couch arrived, I carried … or I mean I asked my husband to carry the gigantic, beautiful green sofa all the way upstairs to the playroom. He set it against the wall where I imagined it would go. I stared at it. I sat on it. I turned on and off the lights to see how it looked in different lighting, and... I realized it wasn’t the right shade of green for this room. While the color was a BEAUTIFUL green, it was a little too dark for the playroom. In certain lighting, it almost looked like a seaweed green. I was disappointed and almost convinced myself that I can make this work somewhere else in the house. But it is not a small item, my friends. I needed a whole ‘nother room to store this couch, and it wouldn’t really work or fit in the bedrooms… I even contemplated replacing two chairs in my home office with this couch, but then it would just feel too bulky and crowd the room. I’ll admit I have hoarding tendencies when it comes to everything home. I just want to keep all of it!!!


So there you go, I regretfully decided to return my couch. There’s no use in keeping it around and having it take up space if we’re not using it. I called Ms. Taylor (my quote specialist who assisted me with the purchase) at Wayfair, who was AMAZING with handling my purchase and now my return. (I would highly recommend requesting a quote specialist at Wayfair!!) She initiated the return process and connected me with the person handling the returns, explained to them my previous issue, and I was issued a full refund. They provided excellent customer service, and I was issued a full refund not in store credit, but in my original form of payment because of how difficult my purchase experience was. Anyway, the whole process took less than 5 minutes. The next day, I received a text message that someone would be contacting me to schedule the return pick up. Then I received a phone call from my return case manager who will be overseeing the process to make sure it goes smoothly. She was checking to make sure someone had called me to schedule the pick up. Within a day, someone called me to schedule the pick up date for that week. On the actual pick up date, they showed up within the scheduled time frame and took the couch without any hassle.

Just like that, my couch was returned. I truly think that involving a quote specialist really helped make this whole experience much smoother. They provide a personal experience and have a history of your purchases to help tailor their service to you. All in all, I was very happy with my return experience at Wayfair.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. After I returned the green Agna Sofa, I purchased the coral colored couch also from Wayfair in the initial picture, which works perfectly with the rest of the décor in the playroom!

Thank you all for reading!

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