Baby's 1st Birthday: Lazy Turned Crazy!

Throwing a birthday party or any party is a TREMENDOUS amount of work, let alone throwing your baby’s first birthday party! I'm tired just thinking about it. Don't judge me for admitting this, but I was totally dreading throwing a birthday party for my baby girl's first birthday. I used to like planning parties and showers, but your energy level is just not the same anymore after you have a baby. I'm sure all of you moms and dads out there can relate! What's the big deal with baby's first birthdays anyway? I felt like I would be putting forth all of this time and effort only for my daughter to never remember a second of it.

So I started with the thought of "it'll just be a friends and family gathering" because I’m frickin lazy and tired and exhausted just taking care of an almost one-year old who can barely distinguish day from night, let alone understand it's her birthday.. So I made up my mind - it won't really be a "party" per se... We'll just have some people over. It'll be super laid-back with no planning, no theme, no fanciness. Easy peasy, that's how it'll be. Just a few weeks before the date of the party, I select a “baby’s first birthday” invitation on Evite with this theme:


Then...the inevitable happens. OBSESSION. I first thought, well gee look at that, the play on the word "ONE" is just adorable. Then I thought, gosh, it IS a birthday party after all, so there has to be a cake. That’s not too bad, I thought. I ain't making the cake. Then I thought, well if there's a cake, there just needs to be at least some balloons. Then I thought, well if there are balloons, it only makes sense to have just a few decorations to go with the balloons, right? Then I thought, wouldn't a mini candy bar be cool for the kids? And then what about a drink station and mimosa bar for the adults? Then for a crazy moment, I felt SORRY for my kid because I felt guilty for not wanting to plan her birthday party at first...CRAZY!

Let me tell sort of spiraled out of control just a tiny bit. I felt like Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic, where I was justifying everything I was fighting so hard NOT to do. GAHHHH **face plant ** Maybe it would have been more fitting to name this post: Confessions of a Design-aholic. It sort of just turned from lazy to CRAZY the day before the party. It may not have been completely over the top, but it certainly was way more energy than I (or my husband or my brother-in-law) intended on using just the day before this "simple, laid-back gathering"...

So without further were the inevitable results.

Thank you all for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed reading, and have a wonderful day!