Easy Ways to Transform Your Guest Room into a Luxurious Retreat!


Hello dear readers,

When I am hosting guests, I like to put in some effort to make them feel comfortable in my home. Now that’s not to say you have to stress yourself out and go all out to do everything you possibly can for your guests. We all have too much going on in life these days to guilt trip ourselves. After all, aren’t we doing our guests a favor by simply providing hospitality during their visit? This post is for those of us who are looking for simple, easy options to make your guests feel more comfortable.

Think of the basic things that you normally have in just about every hotel room you’ve stayed at - we’ll call this “the Basics”. Then think about things you’ve experienced at the nicest hotel room you’ve stayed at that can truly create that luxurious retreat experience - we’ll call this “the Extra Mile”. Obviously, we are not hotels, but why can’t we draw inspiration from our favorite hotel/resort experiences. On my last trip where I stayed at a hotel, I took some detailed mental notes of what the hotel provided that I considered necessities and what made me feel like I was in a luxurious suite.

The Basics

1 Warm and Inviting Bedding

I know this sounds like an obvious one, but clean and comfortable bedding is important in making your guests feel at home. Everyone has different preferences, so there’s no way to please everyone. However, I think it’s safe to say, generally, people prefer soft cotton sheets and blankets as opposed to cold, plastic-y sheets or stiff quilts. It is also thoughtful to provide an extra blanket or two as well, especially in the colder months.


2 Mirror

Having a mirror in the guest bedroom can make it more convenient for your guests. Rather than having to go to the bathroom every time, your guests can quickly freshen up, check if there’s something stuck in their teeth, or see how presentable they look. Especially if it’s a couple staying with you, while one is showering in the bathroom, the other can apply their make up in the bedroom.

3 Basic Toiletries

Okay, I know that this is absolutely not required. I put this under “the basics” because it just doesn’t seem right to ask your guests to bring their own shampoo, conditioner, soap……right? In my opinion, I think most guests would appreciate the fact that they don’t have to risk spilling shampoo and conditioner in their suitcases and bags. Also, don’t forget to place a box of tissues and extra toilet paper in the bathroom!

4 Hairdryer

This one falls under “the basics” for sure, especially if your guest is female. It is thoughtful to leave a hairdryer in the bedroom or bathroom for your guests, so they can use it when they are getting ready. I will admit…I am not always consistent on this one and end up having to grab my own hairdryer for my guests. Maybe it’s because the guest that most frequently stays with us is my brother-in-law, and he sports a buzzcut..

5 Space for Storage

Whatever occasion your guests are visiting for, you should provide space for your guests to store or hang their clothes instead of having them organize their clean and dirty clothes out of their suitcase. If they’re here for a fancy occasion, say…a wedding, then you should definitely offer space to hang up their suit or dress. Make sure to clear some of the items you are storing in those closets or dressers to allow extra space for your guests to use.

6 Warm Bedside Lighting

Bedside lighting is important because your guests may choose to read or browse on their phone with the ceiling lights off to wind down before calling it a night. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see table lamps with built-in plugs or USB sockets. These are doubly awesome for your guests because they can now charge their phone without having to get out of bed.


7 Extra Towels

Most hotels provide towels of different sizes for their guests, including a face towel, a hand towel, a body towel, and a thicker floor towel/mat. These all make perfect sense to me. The only one that may or may not be used depending on your guest would be the face towel. All of the other towels will be used at least once if your guest is staying over night, so I would provide these four different towels at a minimum.

8 Wastebasket

This one is another one that seems simple and obvious, but it is one that is often overlooked! When I’m staying at a hotel, I feel like I’m constantly using the wastebasket…and I don’t like to have to get up very far to throw something away. I also don’t like to “save” all of my used tissues next to my bed until I have to make a trip to the bathroom to throw it away. Gross I know…but I might live with someone (who shall remain unnamed) who does that. ;-)

9 Water Bottles

Water bottles or a pitcher of water with cups is an absolute necessity for your guests! It’s crazy to me how drinking water is not always offered at certain hotels. Or let me rephrase, water bottles are offered, but you might have to pay $5 / bottle for them. @$#%! Set aside at least 2 water bottles per guest per day in the guest bedroom, so they have something to drink during the night.

The Extra Mile

10 Space for Luggage (that’s not the floor)

I get that most people are totally fine with throwing their luggage or duffle bag on the floor. When I’m in a hotel, I definitely prefer my luggage to be propped up off the floor for fear because it just seems cleaner the farther it is from the floor. It also makes it a lot easier to grab stuff from your luggage, so you don’t have to squat on the floor to get things out.


11 Extra Toiletries

Earlier in the post, I listed the basic toiletries you should provide at a minimum, including shampoo, conditioner and soap. To go the extra mile, I always thought it was super nice to find disposable toothbrushes and travel size toothpaste in my amenities box at a nice hotel. Disposable shower caps, q-tips, cotton balls, and cotton pads are always a plus as well.


12 Spa Slippers

Okay. I absolutely LOVE it when a hotel provides those disposable cushiony spa slippers. It sounds costly, but it actually doesn’t have to be. I found disposable white cushiony spa slippers at Daiso for $1.50 / pair! Now, your guests can feel like they’re being pampered in a luxurious retreat with “expensive” spa slippers that you secretly bought at a super affordable price.

13 Separate Vanity Area

In addition to a mirror, it is a plus for guests when you have a separate vanity set or a small desk with a mirror in the guest bedroom. This can be an area where your guests can sit to dry their hair, apply make-up, write notes, etc.

14 A Sitting Area

Not everyone’s guest room is large enough to provide for a bed, a separate vanity area, AND another sitting area. Mine sure doesn’t…at least it’s not large enough to fit a full size chair and a side table. However, if your space allows, you can create a small sitting area by placing a low bench directly in front of or under a window for a window seat.

15 Temperature Control

Everyone has different levels of tolerance when it comes to temperature. By providing your guests with the option to adjust the temperature will allow them to be that much more comfortable staying in your home. It is convenient for us that the thermostat is right outside the guest bedroom, so my guests can adjust the temperature quite easily for the guest area. If you don’t have a separate thermostat for the guest bedroom, you might provide fans when the room feels warmer and provide extra blankets when the room feels cooler.


16 Add some Greenery or Fresh Flowers

A beautiful plant or some fresh flowers can really cheer up the mood of a room. Unless your guest is like my dad, who claims he is allergic to all flowers, then most likely, they will appreciate the color and brightness that it adds.

17 Pack N Play

If your guests are bringing little ones, it might be helpful to provide a pack n play (if you have one). I’m sure they will appreciate it, and it’ll make their night as restful as their little ones will allow.

As always, thank you for visiting!