Placemats as Home Decor - 5 Different Ways

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A few weeks ago, I posted about how one small change can create a dramatic impact.  I explained how leaf placemats can be used as a centerpiece to accent a dining table by incorporating layering techniques.  I am including these leaf placemats in my Good Finds because I discovered that these leaf placemats from Bed Bath & Beyond can be so versatile!  AND they are very affordable at $1.99 to 2.99 a piece.


1. They can be used as.. well, PlaceMats.


2. They can be used as a table centerpiece.


3. THEY CAn also be used as wall ACCENTS.


These leaf placemats (particularly the metallic stained glass leaf placemats) can also be used as wall decor!!!  This thought came to me when I was shopping this weekend and saw some tree & leaf wall decor that were upwards of $50-$100 a piece that reminded me a lot of my $2.99 leaf placemats.

In order to show you what I mean, I (very quickly) taped up these leaf placemats in a little coffee bar section of my kitchen for demonstration purposes.  (Sorry that these photos aren't great, and the tape is visible in the photos...)


Less than $10 for wall decor especially if you're on a small budget.  Not bad I would say!  I feel like the color of my walls and cabinets don't particularly showcase the contrast and potential that the gold could bring to the design. (I will find one that does and update this post!) Keep in mind that these leaf placemats also come in a bronze color, so if you incorporate both colors, I think that they'll really pop on the wall.  OR if your wall is painted a darker color, it'll accent the contrast and really bring out the metallic from these leaves. 


4. They can be used as Contemporary floating frameD wall decor.

I got this 16x20 floating frame from Michaels. There was a 50% sale on frames, so this was only $20 for me.  The 16" width of the glass portion is slightly narrow for the leaf placemat measuring 17" wide, but you can just fold or trim a little on each side of the leaf for it to fit.  Ideally, I was looking for a 20x20 floating frame that was reasonably priced, so let me know if you find one!


I think that this can pull off an expensive look for a large piece of wall decor that really cost less than $25, don't you?  Three of these across a wall or displayed as part of a gallery wall would look pretty cool! 


5. They can be used as rustic modern style wall art.

Okay, so then I got another wooden frame or what looks like #shiplap art to me from Home Goods (also $20) in order to illustrate different things that you can do to experiment with these leaf placemats!  This one is about 20"x20" from end to end, so a pretty large piece of wall decor!


These are just a few reasons why I thought these leaf placemats were a good find!  I'm sure there are plenty of more creative ways to incorporate these leaf placemats as decor!  Hopefully you found this post helpful!

Placemats as Home Decor - 5 Different Ways!
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