Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day today!!  I’ll make this post a quick one, so we can spend the day with our mommies and our kids! 

My mom always tells me not to waste money to buy her flowers for Mother’s Day, and every year, I observe my mom order flowers to send to my grandmother thousands of miles away... My mom is super sweet and selfless and doesn’t want to burden me with the stress that comes with Mother’s Day.  Every year, I spend as much time with my mom as possible (not just on Mother's Day, but like every day to the point that she might get sick of me LOL), AND I make sure that I have a beautiful, fresh bouquet of flowers for her, so that I can show her how much she means to me!

I realize that this post might come too late, since it is Mother’s Day today. Perhaps, it might give you an idea for a nice bouquet of flowers next time!  So I like to use a different kind of wrapping paper each year for the bouquets I make my mom. It makes it even more like a "gift" of flowers and just adds a tiny unique touch that you don’t always get from flower stores or markets.

This year, I used this particular polka dot wrapping paper, and I always add a clear layer of cellophane to prevent the water from the flowers from dampening the wrapping paper.

Hope you enjoy my progress photos below! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!